So, hey! I’m pregnant.

It’s definitely still a little weird saying that because I’ve pretty much spent the last 15 years trying NOT to get pregnant.  But I am. And we’re thrilled.

Baby Leist - the deets

Before all of this

Did I ever mention that Jeff and I met on eHarmony?  We did.  Back in 2008, the way it all worked (I understand it’s a little different now), you had to answer the long questionnaire and could only communicate through the website for a series of steps before they allowed you to have open communication, i.e. email. (I didn’t even text back then.)  One of my dealbreakers was someone who didn’t want a family, so I knew as soon as Jeff arrived in my inbox as a potential match, he was someone who felt the same way as I did about wanting kids.

At some point in 2008 or 2009, I promised him that if we ever have twins, we can name them Clark & Addison, after the two streets that intersect in front of Wrigley Field.  (The other two streets are Sheffield and Waveland which I promptly disallowed from the potential names list.)

We got married in 2012, knew we wanted a family, but felt no pressure to start immediately.  We wanted to travel a bit, get used to married life and let the dust settle from the wedding.

Were we trying?

Well, we weren’t not trying, and I guess you could say I was kinda trying.  I went off birth control in mid-February, right before our 2 week trip to Patagonia & South American wine country (which I still need to blog about!).  We were sort of quasi-considering that our “kickoff” trip because we knew it was the kind of trip you can’t really do with a stroller in tow.  But, having been on birth control for nearly 15 years, I had no idea how long it would take.  I gave myself no expectations, especially seeing how some of my friends and acquaintances had so much trouble getting pregnant when everything else seemed normal.   My doctor told me with my age and my health, she figured it would be no more than a year before I got pregnant.  She assured me that I had plenty of time (I’m 33) and I shouldn’t be concerned about having been on birth control for so long.

(Warning: period talk ahead)

On birth control, my cycle was very regular and with very mild symptoms.  No concerns there.  Back when I was a teenager, my period was also regular, but very heavy and with very strong PMS symptoms.  I used to get the worst cramps.  I even wrote a little song:

My uterus hurts
It hurts a lot
Some times I think
I’d rather be shot
I like to bitch and complaaaaaaain
Because it helps deal with the paaaaaaaain
My uterus hurts
It hurts a lot

I’ll sing it for you next time I see you.

But my first few cycles after going off birth control were very, very short.  I got my period twice in the first 45 days and had no idea whether or not my body knew what the heck it was doing any longer.  I started tracking my period on a free period tracker app (P tracker lite) and tracking our “intimate” days.  The app first predicted my cycle to be an average of 22 days because of the first two ultra-short cycles, which in turn predicted an ovulation window which was I felt was inaccurate.

Things started to even out and my cycle seemed to start back on a regular 28 day rotation.  I deleted the data from those first two cycles and it reset the cycle length to be 28, which then adjusted the ovulation window, and what do you know!  It worked the first month.

When I found out

I had bought a 3 pack of Harris Teeter brand pregnancy tests a few months back but had already used two in prior months (mostly to confirm that I wasn’t pregnant before heading out to a night with adult beverages.)  I had one left and didn’t really want to have to go out and buy more tests, so I waited until I missed my period to test.

I told Jeff I was supposed to get my period on Sunday, and without getting into too much detail, I had some bleeding on Sunday morning which I assumed was my period.  Only, it was a bit pinker (? if that makes sense) than normal, but I didn’t really pay much attention to that.  I figured it was my period, told Jeff I had gotten my period and went on with my day.

When we got home that night from Memorial Day festivities with my parents, sisters and nephews that day, I got ready for bed and at that time, realized I hadn’t bled any more that whole day. I thought, that’s weird, but didn’t pay much attention again, because my period had been acting very odd anyway since I went off birth control.

The following morning, I still hadn’t bled any more since 24 hours ago, so I thought, maybe that was just spotting?  I went online to see what can cause spotting in early pregnancy and as it turned out, it was very possible that’s what it was – not my period.  So, I went ahead and did the pregnancy test.  I peed, left it on the bathroom counter and took a shower.  It was Memorial Day and we were getting ready to go out to see the newest X-Men movie (the 9:15 am showing because we’re both wild and crazy.)

A few minutes later, I hopped out of the shower, toweled off, took a glance at the pregnancy test and saw only one bold line.  Negative.  I started to put my robe on and put my hair up in the towel, but something in my head told me to look at the test again more closely.

Holy smokes, there are two lines.  One was bold, and the other one was more faint, but it was unmistakably there.

Preg test

I stood there in disbelief and my heart started POUNDING nervously.  I looked away and looked back.  I think I looked away 7 or 8 times thinking that I would see something differently than I saw the first time, but no, both of those lines were definitely there.   I reread the instructions to make sure I wasn’t misreading it but, yes, they it was positive. (Note the picture ON the test itself for what represented positive and what represented negative, but still… I was in disbelief.)

I placed the cap back on the test and brought it out to Jeff, who was still laying in bed.  I told him, “So, I think I might actually be pregnant!”  I showed him the test and my hands were shaking uncontrollably.  He smiled sweetly and we talked about what it all meant.  I leaned over and hugged and kissed him.  Surprisingly, I didn’t cry.  Just giggled.

I started walking around the bedroom in a giddy, nervous circle while babbling nonsense.  “I should put my shoes away!”  “Hi Callie!  Nice Monday we’re having, huh girl?” I asked what time the movie was multiple times.  We had already made plans to go to the movies, so we went, but my head was certainly in another place.

The next day, I took another pregnancy test, this time EPT brand and with my first pee (which they say has a stronger concentration of the pregnancy hormone) and sure enough, it came back positive again.   At some point that day, Jeff said, “If you’re pregnant…. ”   I cut him off right there: “There’s no if, buddy!  This is the real deal.”

When we told our Family and Friends

I’m a terrible liar and a horrible secret-keeper on any given day, so just FORGET IT! when it comes to keeping the biggest secret of my life.  I wanted to tell everyone immediately, but I know that it’s recommended that you wait until the end of the first trimester.  I don’t think that you have to wait that long to tell your mom and sisters and best friends, because if I had a miscarriage, I’d want them to be there with me, right? But I figured I’d wait until I got to the doctor for the first prenatal appointment which wasn’t until like 6-8 weeks! Geez. Felt like an eternity to wait.

One of my best friends guessed it immediately at a wedding in mid-June when I was 8 weeks when I said “no thanks” to the wine steward.  She knew right then and there that it was out of character!  We told my family in person when we all went on a family vacation at Disney World and told my in-laws over the phone shortly thereafter.  We both wanted to tell my in-laws in person, but we had no trips or availability go get to Chicago coming up and wouldn’t see them until later this year.  We didn’t want them to be the last to know, so a phone call had to do.

I shared the news with close friends and extended family earlier this week and shared the news with the world once we got the “good to go!” from our OB after our most recent sonogram.

Sonogram 12 weeks

( I also had a sizeable forehead as a small human so I’m just going to assume he/she’ll grow out into it eventually.)

What’s next?

Am I going to do weekly updates with bump photos and fruit?  Ummmm probably not.  My bump is more blump these days anyway (bloat + bump) so I’ll spare you the visual until you it starts looking like an actual bump. I will, however pop in and give updates about how the pregnancy is going and what’s new in our world!  I really enjoy reading other weekly pregnancy update blogs, so I’d like to pop in more often than not 🙂

First thing up on the to-do list?  Pack up to move to the new house!!!  (Byeee little Arlington apartment… byeeee)


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