First Trimester {Weeks 7-10}

When I first found out I was pregnant, I just wanted to tell EVERYONE!  It was way too much for me to handle silently, so I blogged about my experiences and kept them as drafts to post after it was safe to share the news!  So, here’s a short trip down memory lane about my first trimester experiences.

Week 7

This week was a doozy, but the best part is:  Only a month-ish left to go until I get to share the news!  (Four weeks, five weeks –whatever, close enough!)  We had a wedding here in DC Fri-Sun, I’m went to a work conference Mon-Wed, then went straight to Orlando Wed-Sat for family vacation in Disney World, followed by a weekend in Savannah, GA for our 2nd anniversary! Phew!

Disney World was awesome. I hadn’t been there since the 1980’s when I was a little girl.  There were so many things that were new and exciting, but there were a lot of things that I remember like it was yesterday.  This time, however, I wasn’t able to go on a lot of the rides because they’re too jarring for pregnant women.  I got to do It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion and Tom Sawyer’s Island, but had to sit out Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. My mom and I both sat out Space Mountain, so instead we played skeeball and Guitar Hero in the arcade in Tomorrowland.  We had a ball!  She was way better at Guitar Hero than I was.

My nephews who are 10, 7 and 7 had a great time.





One night we drove out to Titusville, FL to try to see the launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral.  We packed a picnic dinner and set up shop to wait for the 7pm launch.  Unfortunately, the launch ended up being delayed so we didn’t get to see it, but it was a fun evening all the same.  If you look really closely in the picture below, the 3 tall, white, shapes in the center of the picture are the rocket and the launch pad.


After the week in Disney was over, Jeff and I drove about 4 hours north to Savannah, GA for a weekend at the Hamilton-Turner Inn to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.


I loved the Spanish moss on all the trees!


Jeff loved the fact that you can take your beer to go when you walk around.


River Street.



It ended up being extraordinarily hot in Savannah that week (the Innkeeper even said it usually doesn’t get that hot that quickly), so as much as we would have liked to explore the entire city on foot all day long, I just wasn’t feeling up to it.  We ended up walking around for about 3 hours and then coming back and taking a shower and a glorious nap in the air-conditioned room.  We eventually perked back up and went out to eat for our anniversary, but my appetite wasn’t worth spending the money on a fancy dinner.  We had considered going to The Lady & Sons (Paula Deen’s restaurant), but I wasn’t interested.  So we just went out and got appetizers and buffalo wings at a local dive bar.  It was just what the doctor ordered.

On Sunday, we drove out to Tybee Island just to check it out, had lunch at The Crab Shack.

Gators and exotic birds in Tybee Island, GA.




After lunch, we dropped the rental car off, caught a flight home from Savannah/Hilton Head International and made it back to DC just in time to head to bed and start a work week all over again.  It was a fun, exhausting week!

Nausea has definitely kicked in. One morning, I ate an egg and sausage breakfast sandwich from Starbucks (which I’ve eaten many, many times before) before the long car drive to Savannah and oh I felt terrible after I ate it.  It was all I could do to keep it down.  It tasted good at the time but ugh.  Also still very tired, but at least when you’re on vacation, you can steal away and take a nap every once in a while.  I definitely took advantage of cat naps as much as I could because I didn’t sleep as well as I might have liked.

Weight gain
Still holding steady, although I feel really bloated and my clothes already feel tight.  Thank goodness for Yoga pants and big tshirts.

Crackers and bagels and chocolate milk and croissants and french fries because they seem to make the nausea subside. Also sour patch kids and gummy bears.  I haven’t eaten them in 10 or 15 years, and that was all I wanted!

Hmmm.  About that.  Does walking around Disney World count?


No appointments this week – Next appointment at 10 weeks in July!

Other news
We shared the excitement with my parents and sisters and nephews while were in Disney World!  Since none of them live local to us at home, it was important for me to share the news with them all at once in person.  My nephews didn’t really pay attention to whatever we were talking about, but I just went ahead and told everyone.  No fanfare, no surprise gifts or cakes.  Just in casual, around the kitchen table conversation: “So guess what!  Jeff and I are expecting!”  Of course, everyone is very excited to meet Baby Leist.

Week 8

This week we started house hunting.  As soon as we got back from vacation, we reached out to a Real Estate Agent friend of mine from CrossFit and talked to him about helping us find a new living space for our expanding family.  We had a pretty specific (although not unreasonable) list of “must-haves” and started visiting properties the first week.

We wanted something that was move-in ready.  It didn’t have to be the newest, fanciest fixtures, but couldn’t need any major renovations.  We wanted something that was easy enough to get downtown via metro or bus, and wasn’t in the middle of a busy area.  We wanted something with good schools and with at least 3 bedrooms.

As it turns out, there were a lot of houses to look at!  Some of them were older homes that had additions or had been renovated, and that didn’t always work for us.  I felt that the houses that had 4 bedrooms but 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs would be too complicated if we ended up having multiple children. (Which is funny because that’s exactly the kind of house I grew up in, but I was the youngest child and we moved there when I was starting first grade which I think makes more sense than little kids.)

Anyway, we probably looked at about 15 houses this week!  It was exhausting running around all over town after work, but it was worth it.  We put an offer on this house with a GLORIOUS half acre backyard which is totally unheard of at our price range inside the beltway in Northern VA! Fingers crossed…

HouseHouse 2

Same.  Feeling queasy most of the day and crazy tired.  Hand me some cookies! (<—Drunk History reference)

Friday – Taught 60 min RPM.  Felt pretty darn tired this time.

Still loving all things carb.  Also crazy for summer fruit – peaches, oranges, cherries.  The more the merrier (and make sure they’re ice cold!)

Week 9
Wamp wamp… we didn’t get the house.  As it turned out, we weren’t the only offer and they had accepted another offer just hours before we submitted ours.  It probably worked out in the end, because even though the house had a lot of amazing pros, the one con was that the high school it was zoned for was one of the lowest ranked in the region.  It just didn’t feel quite right and so I’m a bit relieved.

Anyway, last weekend, I went up to Seagirt, NJ for a girl’s weekend.  My dear friend Jen (from this post) is getting married in August and I’m in the wedding,  so we stole away for a few days with a few other girls!  The weather was fantastic and napping on the beach was just what this pregnant lady wanted to do.

Work required me to fly to Boston for the day on Monday, I had a big deadline on Tuesday and by Wednesday all bets were off.  I was EXHAUSTED.  I ended up calling out sick and sleeping most of the day.  I had tried to get up and get moving in the morning but I kept climbing back into bed.  I listened to my body and curled up under the covers.  Then Thursday was a short day and by Friday, it was 4th of July! We went to the Cubs @ Nats game with a bunch of close friends and I shared our good news with them in person.   It’s been very important to me to share our news in person with our close friends and family instead of via social media.

4th july

In the midst of all of this, we did more house hunting and put an offer on house #2 on Monday!  Waiting to hear back was grueling, but we finally heard that it was accepted!  No huge backyard like the first one, but it has this lovely sun porch and these lovely hardwood floors! I can see myself relaxing out on the sun porch many a summer evening.

Sun porchLiving room

Still tired. Still queasy.  Naps are clutch.

Friday – Taught 60 min RPM.

Cold soda, sprite and root beer especially.  I really don’t drink much soda regularly but it is just so refreshing and helps settle my queasy stomach.  Ginger Ale makes me feel more nauseated (I think because I always associate it with upset stomach.)

Week 10

This week we had the home inspection this week and everything went great.  A few small things needed to be fixed, but nothing that would give us cause for alarm.  I timed the drive from my office to the house (granted it was at 11:30am which is not rush hour) but it was 13 minutes door-to-door.  I’m going to assume it will be closer to 30 minutes during rush hour but I’ll take it.  It’s not as good as my 10 minute walking commute I’ve enjoyed for the last 4 years, but all good things come to an end.  It’s worth it for us to find a place where our family can set down roots.

Also, I went to the dentist this week for my normal cleaning and my gums bled so bad!  Apparently that’s a common thing that pregnant women have more sensitive gums.  Who knew?

Queasy and tired.  No barfing, a fact for which I am EXTREMELY grateful.

Friday – Taught 60 min RPM.  Hopefully I’ll start working out more than once a week soon.

Carbs carbs carbs.  Pizza.  Thai coconut soup is the only thing with vegetables that seems to taste good these days so I’m going with it. Salads are totally ew.

We went in for our 10 week appointment!  No sonogram, just a regular exam and some blood work for the genetic testing.  Doc says all looks good and normal.  Normal is my favorite word these days.  We go back in 2 weeks for another appointment for more blood work and a sonogram!

Ok that was a long post so I’m going to wrap it up with a gratuitous and adorable Callie photo.  We’re commissioning a portrait of her so we had a little photoshoot to get some good full-body pics.  Can’t help but love that face.

Edited to add: Apparently July 31st is National Mutt Day!  I had no idea but how appropriate for my sweet Shiba Inu mix.  Boy do I love that mutt. 🙂


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