Callie’s Surgery

So, my sweet almost-13 year old puppy has cancer.  Her sweet signature Shiba curly tail had a tumor right at the base of the tail.  We had this happen once before and we had the tumor removed when we first found it in 2011, but it came back.

Callie 345

We knew it could come back because of the nature of the growth, but we had gotten complacent because after so many months, nothing!  But I noticed it one night while we were getting ready to call it a night and get into bed, so I called the vet the first thing the next day.

We did what we thought was best and took her in for surgery on Jan 31. It went well, but the healing has been slow going. Because of the first surgery, she already had lost a lot of tissue when the first tumor was removed, so after the second surgery, there wasn’t enough skin to stitch.  We learned this the hard way when the stitches had cut off her blood flow meaning her tail wasn’t getting any blood and was at risk of dying.

But, we’re cautiously optimistic and the incision is healing… albeit slooowly.  It’s bandaged, but open. It’s truly hard to see your pet go through the difficulty of surgery!  Good thoughts and prayers accepted!


6 Responses to “Callie’s Surgery

  • Consider Team Conner-Carberry, pulling for Calllie!

  • Grandma loves you, Callie. Be strong. Sending healing prayers. XO

  • I know it’s been ages since I’ve commented, but I am sending lots of great thoughts your way!!!

  • Sending good thoughts – I hope her recovery is going well. 🙂

  • so sorry for what you are both going through with this. 🙁 i found this by googling dog cancer, because my 10 year old has the same type of thing. i have had dogs in the past that i kept around for my own self and then watched them struggle for the year or so that i refused to let them go. i hate the thought of putting her through the pain, but hate the thought of letting go. i’m crying now. sorry. i am adding my best thoughts and prayers to the universe for you and callie. trying to figure out what is best for my own sweet loving best-dog-in-the-world.

    • Hi Kathy – I’m so sorry to hear of the struggle you and your beloved pup are facing. It’s so hard to see them suffer but they mean so much to us and add so much to our lives. Saying prayers for you and your sweetheart.

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