2013 in review

Oh it’s that time again!


December – the best month to get nostalgic about the great things you did over the last year.  For me, it’s even more so because my birthday is in December, so it’s another year older, another year better.

This year was pretty good.  It didn’t carry the big-ticket events like an engagement or a wedding, but it was no less wonderful.  And since I’m uncharacteristically ahead of the game on Christmas {DONE!}, I thought I’d sit down and let 2013 wash over me.

In no particular order:

Things I can now do that I couldn’t 12 months ago:

  • I can do unassisted pullups (kipping)
  • I can clean + jerk 140 lbs
  • I can deadlift 245 lbs
  • I can snatch 100 lbs
  • I can do kipping handstand pushups

Things I did this year that I’m darn proud of: 

  • I saved a good amount of money and put a good amount into my 401k, too
  • I paid off my car
  • I earned my Advanced status as an RPM instructor

Things I didn’t do, that I kinda wished I had:

  • Still fighting with that 15 lbs I gained in the second half of 2012.  More on that in a future post.
  • Didn’t read as many books as I might have liked.  Still managed to read about 20!

Things I’m looking forward to in 2014:

  • Two-week trip to South America and Antarctica (the closer it gets the more excited I get!)
  • Being in my dear friend Jen’s wedding in August

Things I’d like to accomplish in 2014:

  • Jeff and I are thinking about buying a house, although our little apartment is just the right price and location, so there’s no real rush.  We would like to set down some permanent roots, though!
  • Earn that Elite status as an RPM instructor
  • Apply to, get accepted for and begin a Masters in Public Health graduate program (<– yes really!)

It’s been a remarkable year.  I also recently decided to hang up my personal training shoes for a while, so I’m excited to see what the new found 20 hours a week will look like in 2014.  I’m thinking of teaching myself how to type on a Dvorak keyboard (I hear it’s much faster?) and refreshing my Spanish.  I also hope to break out my sewing machine and get back to doing domestic-y things.  Coming home after work and making dinner is sounding like a dream right now!  If 2013 is any indication, here’s hoping 2014 is a memorable and fun year.


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