Life lately

It’s been quite a while, friends!

Thanks to those of you who stopped by while I was “under maintenance.” Let’s call it what it is – I took the blog down for a while for personal reasons.  But I’m here now, and looking forward to reconnecting with you!

So what’s been going on lately?  (Other than my daily grind, that is.) 

It’s been a fun summer.  Jeff and I have been able to steal away for a few long weekends (and then some) which has made for a very fun, but very busy summer.  In June, we celebrated our first anniversary and binge-watched more than one season of a TV show.  (Scandal. Homeland. House of Cards.  Don’t ask me to pick a favorite.)

(Anniversary dinner at VOLT)

July sent us to Sea Isle City, NJ with my family and August took us to Chicago to visit his family and friends.  We’ve got one more getaway scheduled before the sun sets on Summer 2013.


I chopped my hair off and Jeff grew in a goatee (featured above).  The goatee seems to be hanging around for a little while!

IMG_3544      IMG_3548

I broke a tooth.  I got it fixed.


I met up with some old friends and made some new friends getting involved with the newly recolonized University of Maryland chapter of Alpha Xi Delta.  I loved being in a sorority in college, so I look forward to sharing that with the young women of UMD!  I was initiated in Fall 1999 which is pretty much a high school freshman ago.


I took more than one opportunity to enjoy a concert or a cocktail al fresco.


And I spent as much time as possible just soaking it all in, as much as possible. 


Fall is around the corner and I’m almost ready for it.  But for the broken tooth, it’s been a remarkable summer.  Tomorrow, I have my very first local CrossFit competition.  I haven’t competed in a sporting event in a while, unless you count the office softball team last summer.  But I didn’t really compete because I was too afraid of hurting myself or getting a black eye right before my wedding.  But for the CrossFit competition, I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m hoping that competition adrenaline helps me get through all three WODs!

I’ve got plenty on tap for the fall, but we’ll save that for another day.

What’s been your most favorite part of the summer?


Psst – Hat tip to Lisa for the title!


3 Responses to “Life lately

  • I’ve always wanted to join a sorority, but there just weren’t any available where I went to school. They are not as common in Canada. That’s cool that you are getting involved again.

    I feel like I’ve had a really good summer too. I’ve been going away most weekends to the Okanagan and spending my days on the beach.

  • I’m an Alpha Xi Delta as well! Are you involved with one of the alum groups in the area? I’m not, but several of my sisters are. 🙂

    • I’m connected with the NoVA chapter but I haven’t ever attended anything. I have a tough schedule and it seems I always have a conflict 🙁 What was your chapter?

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