A day in the life: July 2013

Sometimes on different blogs that I read, I’ll see posts that chronicle one particular day in the life of the writer.  You know, just to get an idea of what keeps them busy from sun up to sun down. Bloggers share so much online, but of course there’s a lot left unsaid.  So these posts are neat to really see what occupies peoples’ day!

I think these posts are particularly fun when you go back and reread them a few years down the road.  I’m in that post-marriage, pre-kids life.  This might be novel to come back to if we do have kids down the road and I’m sure at that point, I’ll look back and think, “HA!  She was so unaware.

An Average Wednesday

4:50am – Alarm goes off.  Snooze once, or pick up phone and groggily check email and facebook while trying to wake up.

5:15am – Up, getting dressed and leaving for CrossFit.

5:30am – 6:30am – CrossFit

6:35 – Home from CrossFit.  Drink BCAA drink.  Walk Callie for ~15 minutes.

7:00 – Make breakfast – Oat bran + egg whites. Or protein smoothie.  Black coffee.

7:30 – Finish breakfast, clean up kitchen and pack lunch/snacks/dinner.

7:45 – Shower and get ready for work.

8:30 – Leave for work

8:45 – Arrive at work (Long commute ;))

10:00 – Morning snack: 2 hard boiled eggs, sometimes Think Thin bar

Noon – Lunch – usually salad with some kind of protein. Sometimes Chipotle.  Sometimes a food truck if there’s something good in the neighborhood.

2:30pm – Afternoon snack – Often similar to morning snack (i.e. hard boiled egg or Think Thin bar) or something like celery sticks with almond butter, or a handful of almonds.

4:30 – Dinner – usually something like chicken salad or tuna salad (with mayo) and precooked (but cold) broccoli

5:00 – Leave work, race home, see husband for 10 minutes, change for the gym.

5:45 – Arrive at gym, prepare for clients.

6:00 – See client #1

7:00 – See client #2

8:00 – See client #3

9:15 – Leave gym, head home, walk Callie, crash into bed.

10:00 – Asleep

A few questions you might have:

1) Do the BCAAs help with recovery after CrossFit?  I personally believe so.  I’ve been drinking this variety for a few weeks now and I actually do think it helps me be less sore the next day.  Could it be a placebo effect?  Yes. Totally.

2) That’s kind of a grind of a day, wouldn’t you say?  Yes I would agree.  I’ve been at this schedule since November of last year and I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it up.  It works for now, but if things change either at work or in my home life, then I’m sure I’ll have to give something up.

3) Do you really eat dinner at 4:30 and then nothing else after that? I actually do.  This is also a new thing.  I started the Metabolic Effect Jumpstart Program back on June 3, and one of the guidelines is that you eat all your meals within a 12 hour window.  So, since I eat breakfast around 7am, my last meal would have to be no later than 7pm, but I’m usually right in the thick of things with clients at 7pm.  So I eat at 4:30 and that’s it for the day.  The jumpstart was 4 weeks long, but I found that this actually really works for me.  I have had a bad habit for a long time of noshing after dinner, so this structure is actually freeing for me.

4) But then you don’t eat dinner with your husband?  Yeah, that’s a bit of a downer.  But we have different taste in food, so it’s not so bad.  We always have date night on Fridays. 🙂

5) When do you normal stuff like watch TV or hang out with friends? I don’t watch a ton of TV, and I usually reserve it for the weekend.  Then I’ll binge watch a ton of episodes of something on Netflix or Hulu for 3-4 hours at at time.  Same goes with friends!  Saturday afternoons/nights and Sundays are reserved for friends and family.  Plus my 5:30am CrossFit buddies are my friends so I see them 3x a week.

6) What would you be doing if you didn’t work from 9-9 every day? I’d be brushing up on my Spanish, blogging a little more and getting my new online personal training side-thing off the ground.  (It’s launched but just a fledgling at the moment!)  I’d also be reading a lot more.

So there you have it!  A day in the life of Chase.



3 Responses to “A day in the life: July 2013

  • Oh my gosh. I’m exhausted reading this! I get the eating in the 12 hour window and actually think that is an interesting concept. I follow a similar guideline that I like to eat before 7, but that usually means around 6:30 or so. 4:30 is my snack and I think I might be starving if there was nothing after that. Maybe I’m wrong?! Plus, I eat breakfast and lunch at work. If I ate dinner there I might be depressed about that. Only 2 meals at work, right?!

  • Which brand of BCAAs do you use? I switched to silk aminos a while back and I drink it (Blox) while I workout. No good?

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