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I’ve been setting monthly goals lately.  Sometimes, they’re financial, sometimes they’re CrossFit performance goals, sometimes they’re healthy eating based.  For instance in May, I wanted to hit a new deadlift PR, which I did.  I also wanted to save a bunch of $ because I got a 3rd paycheck in the month of May, which I did.

Sometimes, incentivizing goals with a reward can be helpful to give you something to work toward.  I tried to think the other day of a good reward for hitting all my healthy-lifestyle benchmarks for the entire month of June.  You know, eating healthy, lots of veggies, just enough exercise, plenty of sleep and a good balance between work and play.  I have days and even weeks where I’m hitting these on a regular basis, but sure enough, something like Memorial Day weekend comes and I drink multiple glasses of wine for 5 days in a row, throwing me off my mark.

Inevitably, that turns into a slippery slope and it’s another 5+ days before I get my head back on straight.  This goes on and on, round and round. The end result?  I’m the same weight and body fat % that I have been for the last 8 months.  I am currently above the 18-23% healthy body fat range for adult women, so this is something I wish to improve.  I have clothes I don’t fit into, and I don’t always feel comfortable in everything I wear.
Moreover, I know how I feel when I hit my benchmarks, and I know how it provides a boost in self-esteem that I can’t achieve many other ways.  I feel like a total m-fing rockstar.

So why the slippery slope?  If I know I feel so amazing when I’m hitting my benchmarks, why don’t I employ the behaviors every day?  For the sake of myself, and my personal training clients and people who reach out to me for fitness/healthy-living/weight loss information, I wish I had it all figured out.  The chasm between knowing and employing is still quite wide.

So anyway, back brainstorming a reward.  You know, a real “carrot” or a real special treat for reaching my monthly goals.  Non-food related, of course.

I came up with:
– Mani/pedi?  Massage?  Nah.  I get those all the time.
– New workout gear?  Nah. I go through it so quickly that I’m constantly buying new stuff so I don’t go all lululemon on my clients. (Seriously.  Two outfits a day, 5-6 days a week.  It wears out quickly.)
A pair of Jimmy Choos?  A new Tiffany necklace?  Meh.  Not my thing.  Fancy shoes make my feet hurt and you can’t wear jewelry at CrossFit.
-Take a nice vacation? I don’t have a ton of leave from work, and what I do have is already spoken for, so that’s not really an option.

I kept thinking of what it was that I wanted most in world that would motivate me to stay on track when it’s easy to miss the mark and the ironic thing was that it wasn’t a “thing.” What I want more than any possession or experience is to fit back into my clothes again!  To get back into the healthy adult range for body fat!  This just astounded me that I was willing to go to all sorts of other lengths, except do the one thing that will get me what I want most!


But I guess it’s hard to see the forest for the trees; to predict and visualize the end result when you’re in the throes of the day-to-day.  Kind of like college.  Keeping at it when so many influencers are working against you is not easy.  It’s easier just to say, “Blah, whatever!  I’ll just do this now and worry about it tomorrow.”  But tomorrows continue to come and go and eventually all those tomorrows added up equal life. 

So it’s now, eh?  What I choose now affects what reap later, right? 

Thoughts for the day.


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