My first ever video blog

I got so caught up in writing yesterday’s post last night that I never really got around to doing the rest of the things that I planned to do yesterday after work. Like, eat a reasonable dinner.  And go to bed at a reasonable time.  And actually go to the gym instead of sitting around in my clean gym clothes.  Sooo instead of pouring my heart out to you again today I decided to do my first ever video blog to catch up on a few things I have going on.

I’m not sure if you see a big black box or not, but if you do, just click it.  I swear the video’s there. Clearly I’m in a learning process with this form of media…

If you’re in a place where watching video is not reasonable at the moment (i.e. at work) here’s what you missed

1) Me proclaiming my love for LiveFit
2) Me telling you about my Group Ex nerdery events coming up
3) Me asking what you think of the video blog
4) Me saying definitely way too much
5) Me promising to be back in black & white tomorrow 🙂

If none of that appeals to you, no hard feelings… just head over to Courtney’s blog and read the recap of our Newbie Q&A session from Healthy Living Summit on Saturday.  It’s definitely worth the read!

Have a great night!


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