Ballston Farmers Market

I live close enough to work that I’m able to walk both ways.  I’m totally aware of how fortunate that makes me (no traffic, no gas, no wear and tear on the car, no frustrations).  Sure, certain times of year are cold/rainy/snowy and certain times of year are hot and humid, but it’s really a blessing.  You just have to dress for the weather!

I generally take the same route to-and-from, because it’s the quickest and it tends to be less crowded.  But today, instead of my normal route home, I found myself caught up in conversation with a coworker so I walked with her to the garage.  Once we said goodbye, I turned back around to finish my walk home, along a slightly different route.

Lo and behold, I forgot about the Farmer’s Market!

Ballston Farmers Market 1

I had been to the Ballston Farmer’s Market in past years, but I wasn’t impressed. It was mostly baked goods and some sad looking vegetables. I remember asking someone about a vegetable once and I just got an apathetic shrug.  Makes sense why I forgot about it. 

But I gotta say, the produce looked much better than I remember from years past.

Ballston Farmers Market 6

Ballston Farmers Market 9

Most of the vendors had free samples set up and everything I tasted was delicious! Especially the blackberries. I should have bought 3 pints of them, but I’m out of town this weekend and I didn’t want them to go bad. Hopefully they’ll be back next week.

Ballston Farmers Market 7
Ballston Farmers Market 2 Is that purple okra?

Ballston Farmers Market 8

I LOVE pickles and was delighted by these local, fresh pickles!  I tried three different varieties: traditional dill, balsy (balsamic vinegar) and spicy (made with red pepper flakes). Soo good.

Ballston Farmers Market 3

Rise & Brine, baby!

Ballston Farmers Market 4

The one thing I did ended up getting was not bison dog treats, but some bison jerky.  I used to live super close to Gunpowder Bison so it was so great to have a familiar vendor!  Jeff is a big jerky fan so I knew he’d dig it. 🙂

Ballston Farmers Market 5

Don’t let me forget next Thursday to come back, k?


P.S. I LOLed at this News blooper


3 Responses to “Ballston Farmers Market

  • How fortunate to have a farmer’s market that’s so convenient!!! I love love LOVE bison jerky!! The best jerky I’ve ever had (besides homemade) is from a company called KRAVE. My husband jokingly gave me some on my birthday and I ate it in bed because I was so excited. Who eats jerky in bed?

    • Hahaha I love it! Jeff dug right in and about 10 minutes later, he threw the half-eaten bag at me saying, “TAKE IT AWAY!” It was so good it would have been all gone tonight.

  • We tried purple okra–so good! It was at the farmer’s market near our house recently. Grilled it with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Delicious!

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