LiveFit Week 2 Update

The Good
-On Saturday, I went out to RedRobin for lunch and I got a lettuce wrap burger and a side salad (which was delicious, by the way)
-I didn’t miss any workouts
-Made these sweet potato chips to munch on for Saturday football (and promptly burned a bunch of them, oops!)  Awesome clean snack!
-I went to CXWORX on Sunday before my own class and somehow got one of the new bands (the little tube thingies with handles). It was suuuuuper stiff!  The class was truly 10x harder with a stronger band.  And I’m ridiculously sore today.  It hurts to laugh.

The Bad
-I had a beer Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night, but only one, and a light one at that.

The Ugly
-I made a batch of Scottish scones with orange and ginger on Sunday night after eating "Football food" all day and promptly ate FIVE of them (with butter!).  There were only 8 in the batch.  FIVE.
-And before that, dinner was mozzarella sticks and a third of a loaf of french bread with butter.  And lunch had been buffalo wings.


I will be honest with you, I had a weekend where I ate less than healthy for a few reasons.

One, I felt that I "deserved" to let loose a little bit because I had a SUPER demanding week at work.  I had a big deadline that was months in the works and finally came due on Wednesday. I met the deadline (early, no less!) and was consummately relieved. Therefore, I deserved a celebratory beer.

Two, I was feeling guilty about being somewhat of a stick-in-the-mud lately because I don’t want to go out to eat or go out to party because it doesn’t fit my fat-loss plan.  I was designated driver on New Year’s Eve, I passed on a girl’s night with some new friends and I had been insisting on eating at home at every opportunity.  Not very much fun.

Three, on Saturday, I got some negative feedback about my class at the gym that I internalized to mean, “I’m stupid and fat and don’t belong as a fitness instructor.”  Now, I acknowledge this both an absurd and hyperbolized reaction to this feedback, especially given that the comment didn’t even have anything to do with me being stupid and/or fat, but was rather more of a commentary on my style of instructing.  Which quite honestly is what makes you either love or hate an instructor.  Not everybody likes my style and that’s okay. 

Anyway, this trifecta of situations spiraled me into a weekend of eating whatever I darn well pleased.  It’s not that I was entirely shirking the LiveFit plan, but where the rubber met the road, I chose to eat based upon instant gratification instead of my long-term fitness and health goals.  I don’t regret it; every step of the way is a learning experience.  I woke up this morning recommitted to the plan and had a delicious day of clean eats.  The highlights? Egg whites with spinach and fat free cheese for breakfast, cherries with lunch, roasted asparagus with dinner.

I believe wholeheartedly in eating clean because it is when I feel my best and most energetic.  It gives me the energy, brainpower and patience to get through 10 hour days at the office. It gives me the stamina to get up the next morning to work out before the sun — before it all begins again.  I don’t feel that way when I go to bed with a belly full of ice cream and start the day with a bagel and a mocha.  When I eat clean, I don’t hit the proverbial wall at 3 o’clock, and I sleep soundly at night. 

But working through the emotional connection with food?  That’s taking practice.  And time.  And every stumbling block is an opportunity to learn.  So week 3, I will to celebrate in other ways.  And I will have fun without sacrificing my fat-loss goals.  And I will understand that feedback is necessary for growth.  Learning all the while.


3 Responses to “LiveFit Week 2 Update

  • I can eat sooo bad on the weekends too! I do a great job during the week when I have our meal plan set out and I pack my lunch, but seriously the weekends do me in every single time. I have been tracking calories and on Saturday I just quit doing it for the day because I wanted to indulge, but felt so guilty!

    Hope the feedback doesn’t get you down–I think it’s pretty cool you’re an group fitness class instructor!

  • those scones sound awesome. I would have eaten five too! your self-awareness and self-kindness is so inspiring!

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