Life lessons from the BODYPUMP AIM

I had one of those weekends that started pretty crappy and ended pretty darn good.

I got home from work around 7pm on Friday night and made myself an egg sandwich and a big bowl of spinach salad. No big deal, right?  Except somehow, I was up sick all night long.  My stomach felt like it was full of  lead  and I could not get comfortable. 

So whatever plans I had to run the Hot Chocolate 15k on Saturday morning were totally scrapped by time the alarm went off at 5am. I got up anyway, met the girls at 6am and told them I wasn’t running.  I considered going to spectate and getting free chocolate at the end, but boy am I glad I didn’t once I found out what a logistical nightmare it ended up being.

I went back to bed, slept most of the rest of Saturday and finally felt like myself on Sunday morning.  Good thing because I had signed up to attend a BODYPUMP Advanced Instructor Module.

Do you remember way back when that I said one of my 2011 goals was to become an Elite instructor? Well, part of getting there I learned, is attending an Advanced Instructor Module. 

I’m not going to achieve that New Year’s Resolution goal this year, but I attended two AIMs in 2011 and that sets me very much on the way toward achieving elite status.

I had a great time, didn’t take one darn picture and caught up with instructor friends, old and new.

Did attending the AIM help with the burnout I spoke of a few weeks ago?  Possibly.  It will remain to be seen.  I’ll take what I learned, put it into practice and see if helps me feel differently about how I deliver my classes.

The reason I’m talking about this even though I know a small percentage of my readership are fellow Les Mills instructors, is because there were things I learned that were in the context of group exercise instructing, but I think apply to all parts of life.  They can apply to work, they can apply school, they can apply to blogging, they can apply to anything that you have in your life.

So, here goes:

1) What is the outcome of your {action}?  If the answer is “nothing”, don’t {do} it.  Choose your actions wisely and live your life with purpose. 

2) On isolation exercises, it’s not about using heavy weights, it’s about honing in the technique and focusing on that isolation.   Pretend for a moment that we’re not talking about weight lifting.  Pretend we’re talking about any other part of your life.  Like work. Lofty titles and big name projects seem impressive, but hunkering down and doing what you do as best as possible is the key to success.  Or parenting. It’s not about how creative and brilliant and clever a parent you are, it’s about how much focus you give to your little ones when it counts that will set them up for success. 

3) You want your {members, clients, family, students} to know you love {doing what you do} and you love them.  Be honest, be engaging and be authentic.

4) If you’re going to {do} something, then make sure it has purpose.  Identify it. Commit to it.  See it through to the end.

5) Three keys to success are passion, practice and feedback.  You cannot reach success without this trifecta.  And the quicker you learn to accept and absorb feedback, the faster your trajectory toward success.

Food for thought, huh?

Off to bed.

Have a great night!

{Parenting comment disclaimer: All my children are the furry 4-legged kind, so smack me if I’m totally off base}


5 Responses to “Life lessons from the BODYPUMP AIM

  • Nope, you nailed it on the head. Great post!

  • mondoberry
    ago5 years

    So insightful!!

  • That’s awesome you got so much out of the Body Pump AIM and thanks for the food for thought!

  • So how’s the LiveFit program going?? I’ve been staring at it for months and have’t taken the plunge…want to make sure I can fully commit to it before giving it a go 🙂

  • Girl!! Thank you! I LOVE teaching BodyPUMP, and I really REALLY want to do an AIM… did you find out about 1 in your area? That is SO cool-and I’m proud of you!!

    Love the thoughts. Kia Ora!

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