Should I or shouldn’t I?

by Chase on July 29, 2011

Soooo, I got this email last week…. Apparently the National Marathon is now a member of Rock ‘n’ Roll family? 

Remember my experience with the National Marathon?  Yeah, it was pretty good!

So… I’m considering doing it all over again.  March 17, 2012.

Why is it still just under consideration? 

Well, I had a great experience the first time around. I was fortunate enough to avoid injury, I never hit a wall during the race, and threw down a 4:21 which I was exceedingly proud of myself for my first marathon.

And so, the fear is that I will have an entirely opposite experience for my second marathon, because, now, I have something to improve upon.

And I lucked out with not too much snow in the winter last year.

And now I have a wedding to plan.

And what if my knee/foot/ankle/hip/whatever starts to bother me?

And I’d have to give up a few classes at the gym.

And …

and …

aaaanddd ….

So many excuses

Could I do it again? Should I do it again?  I don’t knooooow.

I should decide soon though because the registration fee is only $75 for the first 48 hours.  Check back with me on Monday.