Callie, the Gershwins + some really tasty looking corn

So, I decided against running the Rock N’ Roll USA marathon next March.  As my cousin keenly pointed out to me, she reminded me how I felt like I got squishy from lots of running and not enough other types of exercise during marathon training.  Plus, I do have a wedding to plan, and I like my schedule the way it is right now.  So I’m going to pass on it. 

This time.

I did, however, decide to take the half into serious consideration!  I’m not going to register immediately because Callie’s surgery and the A/C bill from the recent DC heat wave have put a damper on this month’s finances, so I’ll register when things loosen up again.  (Being credit card free is important to me!)

So, anyway, Callie is doing great!  So far so good with the recovery.

She’s still getting the hang of the e-collar.  I wish I could teach her about peripheral vision and depth perception, but alas, she still bonks in to every corner, chair, doorway and table with the darned thing.  I gave her a break from it this afternoon because she doesn’t seem to care about her stitches at all!  That makes me feel like the incision doesn’t hurt too bad, so I take that as a good thing.

In other news, when I was at Miriam’s Kitchen on Thursday, one of the patrons asked me if I had gone to the Gershwin exhibit at the Thomas Jefferson builing.  Embarassingly, I didn’t know where the Thomas Jefferson building was, although I did know who George and Ira Gershwin are.  So I googled it, and as it turns out, there’s a permanent installation at the Library of Congress (Thomas Jefferson Building) about the Gershwins.


Experience the glamour and sophistication of the 1920s and 1930s in this permanent tribute to the brothers who helped provide a musical background to the period. The exhibition contains a wealth of materials that provide insight into their careers and personalities, including manuscript and printed music, lyric sheets and librettos, personal and business correspondence, photographs, paintings, and drawings, all from the Gershwin Collection in the Music Division of the Library of Congress, the world’s preeminent resource for materials about the Gershwins.

Way cool.  I definitely want to check it out!  Pretty awesome stuff.

And one last thing, I saw this on TV today and decided I must recreate immediately.

Corn on the cob with cracked pepper aioli, parmesan and paprika from the Sparrow Tavern in Astoria, NY.

Oh my word! 

(corn photo source)



3 Responses to “Callie, the Gershwins + some really tasty looking corn

  • If my leg ever heals, I would totally be up for the half! But at this point, I still think that’s a big if…. (patience is not my strong suit).

  • I’m definitely considering the 1/2, too! Would you be interested in a training buddy? Also, would it be crazy of me to do that 1/2 and then the Cherry Blossom two weeks later? 😛

  • That corn on the cob looks UH-MAZE-IN.

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