The big reveal!

by Chase on September 17, 2014

Jeff and I went this morning to the doctor for our 20 week Anatomy Scan.  As I mentioned in my last post, this is where they perform an ultrasound to measure all the various parts of baby’s anatomy: legs, arms, heart, kidneys, bladder, feet, brain, diaphragm, even blood flow… you name it, they measure it!

Of course, this is also the big opportunity to find out what baby’s sex is!  We decided early on that we would find out, so I was waiting, waiting, waiting for this day!  I couldn’t wait to see our little one again.

Everything went great at the scan and they said that everything looks normal and Baby Leist is measuring right on schedule for his/her January 31 due date.  Phew!

I know it’s a trendy thing these days, but we’re not pomp & circumstance people, so we opted against some kind of big gender reveal party or pink/blue cakes thing.  (I don’t even like cake that much.)  Plus we have 2 showers coming up so I felt that another party in our honor was a bit overkill.  So we just called our family to share the big news!

So, since we didn’t do any kind of party, in good fun, here’s a little mini-game!  Guess what you think Baby Leist is!  Click on one of the below and you will find out!



Did you guess correctly?  Share a comment below!




Week 19!

by Chase on September 15, 2014

Week 19!  Nearly halfway through!

19 weeks

Yup, that’s a huge pile of boxes behind me!  I’m standing in our new master bedroom but all we’ve done is test a paint color on the wall and move our boxes of clothes in so we can find what we need.  A new bedroom set and a new mattress is on order, but it’s going to be another month or so before it’s delivered. Our current bed (which is just a simple frame with a boxspring and a mattress) is in the future guest room because that’s where it will stay long term.  We had two old dressers – one had a broken drawer and got demoted to the garage and the other is going to be in the baby’s room. So, we live out of boxes.

We decided against that paint color too.  We went with dark wood furniture, so we’re going to go much lighter with the paint.  I love the dark gray, but it just won’t work with the furniture, especially since there isn’t a lot of natural light in the bedroom!  The room looks out to the woods, so there’s lots of shade on that side of the house. We’ll have to paint at some point between now and when the furniture is delivered. Plus, I plan to do a whole house tour post soon!

Anyway, on to the pregnancy!


Nothing terribly unusual!  Normal appetite, sleeping fine, nothing too crazy.  My fingers are feeling a bit swollen (could be swelling, could just be gained weight) but my engagement and wedding rings aren’t fitting anymore.  Wamp wamp. I decided to stop wearing them before they got stuck on my finger, so that’s a bit of a downer, but I’ll survive,  Only 4.5 months left!

I’m feeling the baby move around more often now – still nothing from the outside, but I can definitely feel him/her move around inside!


None this week, but we go next week for the 20-week ultrasound and anatomy scan!  That’s where they measure all the various parts of the baby: The baby’s length will be measured, around his/her middle, around his/her head, the 4 chambers of the heart will be viewed, as well as the kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, spine, and sex organs. (source) So that means we’ll be able to find out if Baby Leist is a girl or a boy!

I know that there are two schools of thought whether you choose to wait or choose to find out if it’s a boy or a girl before he/she arrives.  We elected to find out because Jeff really wanted to find out and I didn’t have a strong opinion either way, so I agreed that we could find out when it became an option.  Now that we’re planning to find out, now I can’t wait. I still feel like it’s a girl.  Either way, I just can’t wait to see him/her again!

I also scheduled an appointment for the first week of October: I’m allergic to dental anesthetics – you know, novocaine, etc.  I break out in total-body hives. It was first discovered while I was in the middle of getting a filling about 8 years ago.  It was nothing short of a form of torture – having to sit totally still while your teeth are drilled and your arms and legs feel like they’re itching from the inside out- it was BAD.

When I mentioned my allergy to my OB at the last appointment, she told me I really should go to the hospital to do pre-admission testing to see what anesthetics, if any, I can use.  If we can’t find one that I’m not allergic to, I may not be able to have an epidural.  I’m optimistic that they’ll find one that’s OK (I’ve used lidocaine for mole removal), but if an epidural is out of the question, then so be it.  It is what it is.


This week was better than the past two!  Now that the dust has settled from the move, I’ve got a bit more energy to devote to fitness again.

I haven’t been able to make it back to CrossFit since the first week back in early August.  My box is close to work, but now really inconvenient to the new house.  The problem is that there is no parking at all except for early in the morning or late at night, but working out at those hours are not compatible with me these days.  I could also go at lunchtime, but I feel it would take too long during the work day.  It’s a 10 min walk there, 10 minute walk back, 1 hour WOD and some time to change/shower.  It would be a 90 min commitment during the work day (plus I’d still have to eat lunch), so it’s just not feasible right now.  I’m trying to decide whether I just cancel the membership and start up at a new box near the house after the baby arrives, or what to do.  It probably makes sense to just cancel but that makes me feel like a quitter, so I’m really conflicted by it!  But it’s way too expensive to pay for and not use, so I really should make a decision soon.

Anyway, here’s what I did get into last week:

Saturday – rest
Sunday – rest
Monday – rest
Tuesday – BODYPUMP
Wednesday – Incline walking 30 minutes while listening to This American Life  podcasts. (Loved the “I got 99 problems and a pitch is one” segment!)  I was laughing out loud on the treadmill at 6:45am
Thursday – rest
Friday – Taught 60 minute RPM

Mental + Emotional

I’ve been feeling pretty good lately!  No pregnancy loss anxiety like the last few weeks (I think because I’ve started feeling him/her move around!) I totally think that getting back to working out has helped keep me busy instead of sitting around reading about what could go wrong on the internet.

Other News About Town

I’m absolutely loving our new neighborhood!  The first day we moved in, the next door neighbors came over with a pizza and a bottle of champagne to welcome us to the neighborhood.  So sweet!  Then, this weekend, the neighbors from 2 doors down came by with a bottle of wine and some lemon cookies to say hello.  It’s such a nice thing this day and age – I’ve never felt so welcomed before.

Week 20 will be an exciting one!  Be sure to check back next week to see if Baby Leist is a boy or a girl :)

Moms who’ve been there, done that:  I’ll be OK if I can’t get an epidural, RIGHT??


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