Week 20!

by Chase on September 22, 2014

And like that, we’re halfway there!

Sept 2014 150

I felt pretty darn good this week! Whenever anyone asks me how I’m doing or how the pregnancy is going, my answer is always, “No major complaints!”

I also love maternity clothes.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of a waistband or what, but I find them so comfortable. I could sit around in my maternity work pants all day.

On to the deets:


We had our 20 week ultrasound appointment this week!  Did you play the BIG REVEAL! game?  I’ll save you the click – it’s a boy!  Anatomy scan went great, but I’m a little sad that there are no more ultrasounds.  The best part is getting the sneak peeks!

Next appointment is the as it were dreaded glucose test, but I hear that it tastes just like McDonald’s Orange Hi-C which, if I’m being honest, kinda got me through my first trimester.  I admit that I love orange soda so I think this will be no big deal for me.

The appointments are scheduled out between now and the end of the year which is up through 35 weeks.  Oh lordy we’re moving right along!


Umm… Steak & Cheese sandwiches.  Like Philly Cheesesteaks.  We’re not talking organic cheese, grass-fed beef on gluten free bread.  I’m talking all-in, greasy cheesesteaks with fried onions and mayonnaise.  I’ve had 4 (FOUR!) in the last 2 weeks.

In related news, I had my total cholesterol checked and it was 217.  I assumed it had to do with my cheesesteak kick, but I read online that for pregnant women, your total cholesterol goes up because you’re producing more of it due to the hormones.  They said that anything under 240 doesn’t warrant additional testing.  (Source)  So bring on the cheesesteaks!

No but for real, I need to get some more variety in my diet.  I’ve been eating a lot of cereal, bananas, and yogurt for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch (egg salad, steak and cheese, chicken) and random stuff for dinner – pizza, mac & cheese (this truffle mac from Evol Foods is so fantastic) or just something simple like a bagel.  I don’t have much of an appetite at night.  But, I read this week that baby now has tastebuds and can taste whatever flavors I’m eating!  I’m not sure  if it’s connected, but maybe a varied diet will lead to a less picky eater? We shall see.


Just a few good long walks with Callie and an RPM class.  Nothing really noteworthy.

Sept 2014 152

I did however, cancel my CrossFit membership.  As good as it felt to get back to it a month ago, it doesn’t feel good anymore and it’s too expensive to pay and not go.  I actually cried when I sent the email to cancel. I kind of blame hormones, but I think some of the tears were just because it signaled a change in my life.  A change, don’t get me wrong, that I’m 99.9% happy about, but there’s a part of me that’s sad to let it go.  Not to CrossFit as a sport – that I can pick up again after he arrives – but to the spontaneous happy hours, the living in a young, urban area and the whole pre-kid, carefree lifestyle.  I’m so looking forward to parenthood and can already feel my heart swell when I feel my son kick, but I’d be lying to not admit that it was a good run while it lasted.  Any change brings a bit of nostalgia, I suppose.

I think RPM is coming up to the end as well.  My knees bump my belly which gives me a side stitch and is annoying.  So I find myself taking my knees out of alignment to avoid my belly, which is bad for your knees.  I’m fine on the standing climbs, it’s the speedwork that’s bothersome.  I’ve adjusted my handlebars but it’s still not quite right.  I’m taking it week by week, but I might end up giving that up sooner than I might have expected or hoped.  It’s ok!  I’ll pick it back up when I’m ready to in the Spring.  He did love the music in RPM class last week though – I could feel a ton of kicks and flutters during the Mountain Climb!  (Or he was annoyed that there was to much jostling and loud music and heavy breathing going on haha)

My MO with fitness is: I’ll do it as long as it feels good!  So far walking and BodyPump feel the best.  I’m going to go to a pre-natal yoga class next week too.

Mental + Emotional

It’s funny, now that we know what the baby’s sex is (and I’ve talking to him by his name), it feels so much more real.  I’m no longer thinking of it in terms of ME being pregnant, but HIM growing big and strong.  I couldn’t care less about pregnancy symptoms or little annoyances like sleeping on my side. Granted, I don’t have many symptoms – no heartburn, no constipation, no morning sickness (thank GOODNESS) – but this week I noticed a real shift in my mindset all the same.

Sept 2014 153

Next up

Registry is the next big thing!  We have a shower coming up next month for our out-of-town family, so I need to start getting some items together!  I’ve gotten so many good suggestions from so many moms and dads already, but I’ll seek guidance here too: What’s the one baby item I have to get?  What’s one thing that is so useless I shouldn’t even bother?




The big reveal!

by Chase on September 17, 2014

Jeff and I went this morning to the doctor for our 20 week Anatomy Scan.  As I mentioned in my last post, this is where they perform an ultrasound to measure all the various parts of baby’s anatomy: legs, arms, heart, kidneys, bladder, feet, brain, diaphragm, even blood flow… you name it, they measure it!

Of course, this is also the big opportunity to find out what baby’s sex is!  We decided early on that we would find out, so I was waiting, waiting, waiting for this day!  I couldn’t wait to see our little one again.

Everything went great at the scan and they said that everything looks normal and Baby Leist is measuring right on schedule for his/her January 31 due date.  Phew!

I know it’s a trendy thing these days, but we’re not pomp & circumstance people, so we opted against some kind of big gender reveal party or pink/blue cakes thing.  (I don’t even like cake that much.)  Plus we have 2 showers coming up so I felt that another party in our honor was a bit overkill.  So we just called our family to share the big news!

So, since we didn’t do any kind of party, in good fun, here’s a little mini-game!  Guess what you think Baby Leist is!  Click on one of the below and you will find out!



Did you guess correctly?  Share a comment below!



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Popping in to say hi! And…

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…to let you all know! More baby fun to follow! (In the meantime, can someone get me some saltines??)

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