Once upon a time, (1 year ago, thanks Timehop) I set some 2014 goals for myself. To be totally honest, until Timehop reminded me, I completely forgot I set these goals. Ha! This may seem obvious, but 2014 turned out a lot different than I expected at first and spoiler alert, I didn’t really accomplish any of these goals.

To recap:

1) Get more bendy.  I had hoped to spend more time doing yoga and other restorative type activities since CrossFit was making me tighter and tighter by the day.  I did start off doing a fair amount of hot yoga before I got pregnant and I was really enjoying it!  Then I got pregnant and we moved so I stopped going to that (or any) yoga studio.  I like going to yoga, but it’s an expense that I can’t justify with a baby on the way.  I’ll have to stick with my catalog of BodyFlow DVDs that I have on hand after the baby arrives!

2) Get less squishy.   I had hoped to shed some additional weight in 2014, but that didn’t happen.  We might recycle that for 2015, but I’m not worried about it.  I think that once the baby arrives, feeling better and more like myself again, this will happen without a lot of trouble.  I literally can’t wait to get back to the gym!

3) Get more awesomely domestic.  This kind of happened!  When we bought the house in August, I definitely felt my domestic tendencies percolate quite a bit more than when we were in the apartment. Something about having the bigger kitchen and being in a more suburban area than an urban area (where you can’t just walk out the front door at be at a coffee shop in 30 paces) made me more likely to cook at home.  Plus, there’s something about pride about YOUR OWN HOUSE! that makes you want to take better care of it than an apartment.

4) Get fluent in Spanish.  This totally didn’t happen, but I will say that spending 2 weeks in South America in February really helped!  I had many interactions with waiters and service people fully in Spanish and I was very excited about how quickly it came back!  I think it’s a matter of actually immersing yourself in the language that will help bring fluency.  I’ll table this one for another year.

But I did say that there was a theme for 2014: Start With Me First.  I think this year, more so than most other years, I did put myself first in a lot of ways.  Being pregnant, there’s no real way around it – your body just requires that you put it first!  I took sick days when I needed to rest, I was selective with the invitations that I accepted and traveled only as much as I felt up for.  I didn’t bend over backwards for other people as I would have done in years past, so in a lot of ways, I did Start With Me First!  I put effort in to the things I felt were worthy, and I’m delighted to say the hard work noticeably paid off.

So what’s on tap for 2015?

I’m just not even going to entertain any thoughts of goals or resolutions or anything for 2015 yet.  I’m (hopefully) less than 30 days out from the arrival of Baby Leist, and I can’t even begin to predict how my life will change.  I’m sure my priorities will shift and a lot of what I previously valued will fall to the wayside.  Instead, I’ll share what I’m looking forward to!

I’m looking forward to:

1) Spending a few months of quality time as a family of three.  Jeff and I are both fortunate enough to be taking 12 weeks of maternity/paternity leave from our full time jobs.  I know that most Dads don’t get the luxury of taking that much time off work after the arrival of a new baby, and I’m extraordinarily grateful that he is able to.  I’m hoping that by learning together, we can both figure out the ins and outs of life with a newborn and bond in our own way with the baby and each other.

2) Reconnecting with fitness in whatever way feels right.  I am really excited to get back to feeling like myself.  That includes regular exercise which has been waning over the last 4 months!  To be totally honest, I don’t see myself returning to CrossFit anytime soon.  It’s a luxury expense that I can’t justify right now and quite honestly, I’m more interested in something a little more low-key.  I’m thinking yoga, long walks, short runs and perhaps joining a gym with a pool.  Maybe eventually I’ll get back into weights, but I’m in no rush.

That’s really it.

What goals or resolutions or themes did you set for 2015?



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Third Trimester musings

by Chase on December 16, 2014

Hello!  I’ve thought of you and this little corner of the internet a lot over the last 6 or so weeks!  I would have liked to check in a lot sooner, but real life happened.  I’m 33 weeks this week and Baby Leist is growing and kicking every day!   I thought I’d drop in and chat about what’s been going on lately. In no particular order, here are a few things that have been on my mind this trimester!

Elevator selfie

1) I’ve very much enjoyed this break from being a Fitness Professional.  I stopped doing Personal Training in January 2014 in anticipation of starting a family and I am currently on a break from teaching RPM (indoor cycling) since Halloween. Here’s what I mean about the break: I’ve spent the last 15 or so years in a role that requires me to be a role model, educator, practitioner of fitness and health, whether it’s being a Group Ex instructor or Personal Trainer.  I’ve got degrees and certifications out the wazoo about all things fitness, health, weight loss, etc.  People know this and often ask me questions and it’s a subject that I used to talk about quite a bit.

Since I got pregnant and we moved (and some other things in my life shifted) fitness and training has become a far smaller part of my life.  I’m not going to lie, I am loving the mental space that has opened up.  I used to spend so much mental energy about planning and executing workouts, organizing and prepping food, or on a “bad” day – eating/drinking what tasted good that day and then spending a ton of internal, mental energy beating myself up for it.  Looking back, it was exhausting.  Exhausting.  I was always either “on plan” or “off plan” and it was a lot of spinning my wheels.

Now, my focus has truly been “What feels good today?”  And not even today, what feels good right now?  My body tells me when it needs to rest (something I ignored all the time before) and my body tells me when it’s time to move (still loving my long walks with Callie.)  I come home from work and if I need it, I take a 30 minute power nap because it help me feel refreshed.  Then I can tackle whatever else I hoped to accomplish that evening.  I drink far less caffeine than I used to and even though I’m tired, it’s not a burned-out, drained kind of tired.

2) I have a new respect and understanding to the challenges that overweight and obese people face.  I’ve gained approximately 30 or so lbs so far in my pregnancy (7.5 months) and will probably gain another 10 or so before the baby arrives.  Most of it is in my belly, but I have swelling and fluid retention everywhere.  This means I have some of the normal third trimester side-effects: sore feet and back, hard to get in and out of bed, carpal tunnel, heartburn, hard to put shoes on… those typical challenges.   I can’t walk as fast and I get out of breath easily when walking up multiple flights of stairs or carrying heavy bags.  I tolerate it because I know it’s a temporary condition and it’s all for a good cause, but I can’t imagine how hard it must be to go through life feeling like this all the time, with no end date in mind.  It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut of inactivity when activity is so taxing and uncomfortable.  For that reason, I’ve continually worn my FitBit to just keep track of how active I am throughout the day.  It helps that I have to run to the bathroom to pee every 20 minutes, but there are days that I average 3,000-4,000 steps if I don’t make a point of moving around.

As a fitness professional, it’s easy to look at a client/member from the outside in and just say “We just need to get you moving more!” but that’s so much easier said than done when you feel weighed down and you have a million other priorities to juggle.  I have a new appreciation and understanding for why getting fit feels like so much more of an Everest than a speedbump to someone who’s significantly overweight.  If and when I do return to my role as a fitness professional, I think this experience will give me a better understanding of the challenges that my members and clients face.

3) I’ve enjoyed my sobriety.  Some women choose to drink small amounts of alcohol when pregnant and that’s typically OK for them and their babies, but I’ve chosen to abstain 100% throughout the duration of my pregnancy.  At first, I missed the flavor and scent of beer and wine (I would make Jeff let me smell his freshly opened beers) but over the last few months, it’s really waned.  I have zero interest in alcohol.  Of all the things I miss because of being pregnant, alcohol is just not one of them.  I miss smoked salmon, raw oysters, runny eggs and kombucha*, but I don’t miss alcohol.  I also don’t miss the lifestyle that went along with boozing and sleeping in, or worse, fighting my way through the day with a hangover.  I’m over it.  I’m sure with breastfeeding, which I hope to do, and being on an infant’s schedule, this won’t change any time soon.

4) I love being home.  Before I was pregnant and when we were living in the apartment, I used to feel almost claustrophobic about being in the apartment all day.  I couldn’t stand it — I just wanted to get out and do stuff!  Now that we have the house and it’s nearly completely outfitted with furniture and decorations, etc., I just love being home.  I have happily puttered around the house without stepping foot outside except to walk Callie a couple times and I love everything about it.  I love that the TV is in the basement, so if it’s on, it’s not overtaking the entire space (which is how it is when you’re in a small apartment).  I love my new desk with my new workspace and how clean laundry can sit on the guest bed for a week straight and not get in my way (like it did when it was on our bed and would make the move from the bed to the dresser and back again multiple times a week before it got put away — mostly because we didn’t have room to put it all away!)

5) I cannot WAIT to meet this little guy!  We went to childbirth class on Saturday and the more and more I think about him actually arriving and being a little person in our home the more excited I get!  The first two trimesters were all about being pregnant and feeling pregnancy symptoms and now it’s all about this little dude who’s joining our family!  If I let myself, I can daydream about him all day. I’ve picked out the outfit he’ll wear home from the hospital and I confess I just keep holding it up like he’s a little person inside those clothes already.  I feel him kick and move and thump around in my belly all the time and can’t wait until I can see him do it in person.

We still have about 6 weeks to go until he’s expected to make his grand debut, but as far as I’m concerned, whenever he’s ready, we’re ready for him.  Of course, that may not be until early February, but either way, we can’t wait to welcome him into the family.


*A note on kombucha – I chose to abstain because there’s no real medical documentation as to whether it’s safe for pregnant women.  It may be fine and there are anecdotal articles about it being fine, I just chose not to risk it since the risks are unknown.


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Week 20!

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